February 15, 2018

About Us

Tee Shirt City Plus is a Los Angeles vendor who caters to ALL groups with an event to make memorable…

Shirts come in all sizes. Discounts on Bulk Orders! To purchase by phone, call us at 323-253-9786.

In the same building you can also purchase a Custom Bar-B-Que Grill or a hand held “Self Defense Stun Gun” for your protection.

We’ve been serving the Los Angles area since 1980!

Tee Shirts

Our Tee Shirts are Legendary. We create your vision.  Of course we create shirts for ANY Event! Our Best Seller is the Emergency Numbers Tee Shirt.

Stun Guns

We have a nice selection of stun guns as well as honest information. We offer several brands of stun guns because we like to give our customers choice.

Bar-B-Que Grills

Pit City Pits has been delivering custom Bar-B-Que grills since we opened in 1976Volley Dykes has over 40 years of experience in building Bar-B-Que Grills and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.